Meet Our Team

We have an amazing medical team, farm team, and ministry team who lives in Togo and two staff at our headquarters in Tyler, TX.

Our Leadership

Lewis Swann, President and Founder

Lewis Swann

President and Founder

Lewis and his wife Naomi started Sight.org in 2012. God showed him a great need in Togo as he was traveling through West Africa. He couldn’t go back home without doing something about it. Now hundreds of people in Togo are having their sight restored every year.

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Naomi Swann, Co-founder, Nursing Educator
Naomi Swann

Co-Founder and Nursing Educator

As the Co-Founder, Naomi works to insure the safety structure of Sight.org. Naomi trains and certifies all team members to perform CPR, basic life support, and first aid.

Beth Reed, Volunteer Coordinator and Communications

Beth Reed

Director of Missions

Serving at the Foundations office in Texas, Beth oversees all volunteers, communications projects, and donor relations for Sight.org. While in Togo, Beth gathers photos and stories to take back to supporters, assesses the ministry for future volunteers, and debriefs mission teams. Read more of Beth’s story…

Meza, Togo Field Director
Meza Kpakpabia

National Director, Togo

Meheza has incredible leadership qualities and has been a close friend of Lewis since 2010. Also the granddaughter of the President of the Assembly of Churches (The highest pastoral leader in Togo), Meheza clearly adopted her grandfather’s wisdom and is built to lead.

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Dr. Avia, Surgeon

Dr. Nestor Avia

Team Surgeon

Dr. Nestor Avia from Togo, the primary surgeon for Sight.org, was previously trained by Mercy Ships surgeon, Dr. Abram Wodome, in the MSICS procedure. Dr. Wodome received his training onboard the Africa Mercy in 2009 under the instruction of Dr. Glenn Strauss, Mercy Ships’ Ophthalmic Consultant. Dr. Avia travels from Lome, the capital of Togo, for each round of eye surgeries. He brings his assistants with him each time. He is a humble servant who loves the ministry of Sight.org.

Ramond, Driver

Dr. Innocent Kogbeyo


Innocent is an optometrist who was trained on Mercy Ships. He now serves at each surgery outreach. Innocent is taking Sight.org to the next level with his expertise. Innocent has a deep love for the Lord and freely speaks truth to anyone who will listen. Everyone on the Sight.org staff loves being around Innocent because of his infectious joy. Innocent is fluent in five languages so he is able to help translate for American volunteers. Innocent is married with a brand new baby boy. He is happy to serve with Sight.org and thankful for the opportunity to provide for his family.

Dominic, Ophthalmic Assistant

Dominic Togbe

Eye Team Leader

Dominic has been faithfully serving with Sight.org since 2015, and now, he leads Sight.org’s Eye Team. On multiple occasions he has worked far beyond midnight. When he is told to stop working so he can sleep, he always responds, “I can sleep when the campaign is over.” Dominic is always a favorite among our patients, and he exemplifies what it looks like to serve others above self. He loves others through action and leads by example. 

Ramond, Driver

Pastor Florent Adido

Ministry Team Leader

Florent has been a pastor since 1999, and he joined Sight.org in 2016.  Now, he is leading our Ministry Team to minister to those who have been impacted by Sight.org’s eye surgeries. One of the most impressive qualities of Florent is his steady disposition. We have been in many trying situations, yet his calm faithful demeanor has never wavered. He is a true man of God. 

Ramond, Driver

Edoh Akpo

Farm Team Leader, Farming Instructor

Edoh is a strong evangelist, leader, and our farming educator. Edoh went through DTS and evangelistic training through YWAM in Togo, and received advanced agriculture training at an organic agriculture school Senegal. Long before joining Sight.org, Edoh believed God was calling him to both evangelism and agriculture. Sight.org is a perfect fit for Edoh, as he is now both training students in organic agriculture while joining the ministry team to evangelize. Edoh is now in charge of our farming program and has oversight over all activities on our farm. 

Board of Directors

Pastor Kenny Cargill

Pastor Kenny Cargill

Dr. Neshia Rudd, Optometrist

Dr. Neshia Rudd, Optometrist

Bryan White

Bryan White

Fiona Mohammed

Fiona Mohammed

David Apperly

David Apperly

Mike Jacobsen

Mike Jacobsen


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