When a blind person can suddenly see, a door is flung wide open for the gospel, and for people to enter into a relationship with Jesus, and for the church to continue to grow.

Will you be a door holder?

Join Visionaries today!

Give SIGHT and open the door for the GOSPEL for $12.50.



Sight for 1

  • Give sight and the gospel to 1 person a year

Sight for 4

  • Give sight and the gospel to 4 people a year

Sight for 8

  • Give sight and the gospel to 8 people a year

You Choose

  • Give sight and the gospel to ? people a year.


For less than 50 cents a day, you can give someone sight.

If you sign up for our Visionaries monthly giving program, you will get a Sight.org t-shirt and personalized photos of your sponsored patients.


“I can see my baby for the first time!”


Age 21 “I am free from the prison of darkness I was in, now I am living in the light!”


One of Sight.org’s first eye patients  If it weren’t for Sight.org giving my sight back to me, I would still be blind.”


Age 12 “Sight.org did surgery on my eye and now I can see again! My smile is back and I can return to school. Thank you Sight.org!”

Thank you Founding Visionaries:

Sue-Min Koh   Elam Swann    Peter Von Wupperfeld

Paul Balfay   Dawn Rhodes   George Montalvo

Lisa Odom   Chris Legg   Parker Carroll

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