Blind with 6 children

by | Apr 19, 2014

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Mafati’s Story

Although life in the village is always harsh, Mafati is a radiant mother with much to live for. A year ago, she had five lively children with another on it’s way. Then tragically, joyful anticipation of another child quickly spun into darkness.

Not knowing why nor how, she became blind. “I was scared of stepping on something like a snake when I’m walking, scared of eating food that they gave me. And the greatest fear was that I will never see the face of my last born when I will give birth.”

After a year in darkness, there was a glimmer of hope! Opthalmic Technicians came to her village and identified her along with twelve others in her village blinded by cataracts, and after a quick surgery her sight was restored. Light flooded her vision and she looked into her baby’s eyes for the first time! After surgery, pastors went to Mafati’s village to share the news of Jesus Christ. With great joy, Mafati professed to “I give thanks to God for giving me this opportunity to see again. I know He is the one who did it through, and I thank you all.”