Help give sight and the gospel to every person in Togo, Africa.

It only takes $150 to give a blind person a 15-minute sight-restoring surgery. The blindness crisis in Togo is massive, but together, we can end it. Private donors cover our operating costs, so 100% of your donation will be sent to give sight and further the gospel in Togo.

Cataracts blind 1 in 20 people in rural Togo, and most have never heard the gospel. We’re on a mission to change that.

Our team travels to the most rural villages of Togo, where eye care is nonexistent. Every time you give to restore a person’s sight, the gospel is shared, first to the patients and then to their entire village. By giving sight to one, you may enable us to share the gospel with hundreds.

African child before cataract surgery
African child after cataract surgery

The impact of gifts like yours.

Thousands still need sight and the gospel, but with your help, thousands of others have already received them.

Africans given eyesight through cataract surgery


given sight

Doctors performing cataract surgeries in Africa


doctors trained

Africans who heard the gospel of Jesus Christ


heard the gospel

Together, we can end the blindness crisis in Togo

Here’s how you can help:

Become a Visionary to give sight to the blind in Africa
Become a Visionary

Become a Visionary

A Visionary is a monthly donor committed to ending the blindness crisis and furthering the gospel throughout Togo and beyond.

A $25 monthly donation can give sight to 2 people every year.

100% of your donation gives sight and the gospel.

Host a fundraiser

Fundraise for Sight

Creating a campaign helps raise money to give sight and further the gospel in Togo.

Start a campaign

Give Sight to a village in Africa

Give Sight to a village

Transform a village by giving sight to every blind person with a gift of $1,500 or more.

Give sight

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