Sight changes everything.

In Togo, Africa, a blind person’s
life expectancy is
1/3 of a person with sight.
When you give sight,
you give life.

Give Sight Today


We take our mobile eye clinic into remote villages in Togo, Africa. These villages have little to no medical care. We do up to 50 eye surgeries a month. Each surgery costs only $150.

You can give sight to one person for $12.50 a month!

Sollah is 18 years old.

Two years ago, he had been asleep in a taxi when an electrical line landed on the vehicle. He awoke with his body burned and blinded by cataracts. The local hospital was able to treat all of his burns (which we could see from his head to toes) but they did not have the ability to treat his eyes. His father heard that was in the village of Amlame, so he brought him to our mobile eye clinic. The next day, our amazing medical team did bilateral cataract surgery and was able to restore sight to both of his eyes. He had the sweetest smile on his face when the bandages first came off. Then, soon, he was dancing with joy because he could see again.

Ailia is 8 years old

She had an allergy to dust. Her mother said that she cried everyday because her eyes itched and burned. We had 46 people waiting in line for eye surgeries, but our medical director said this little girl was our first priority. An allergy to dirt is not a big deal in the United States, but in rural Africa, if this condition went untreated, she could have gone blind. We provided eye drops and eye education to the mother so that this little girl would no longer suffer.

Pauline is 54 years old.

She had a cataract in her left eye for three years. She had her own business, but being blind in one eye made it very hard for her to sell merchandise. Now that she has had her sight restored through our mobile eye clinic, she can work and take care of herself again.

For less than 50 cents a day, you can give someone sight. Monthly supporters provide us with consistent funding so that we can always provide surgeries for the blind. When you give monthly, we NEVER SAY NO to surgeries. 

Sight for 1

  • Give sight and the gospel to 1 person a year


Sight for 4

  • Give sight and the gospel to 4 people a year


Sight for 8

  • Give sight and the gospel to 8 people a year


You Choose

  • Give sight and the gospel to ? people a year.

All people are redeemable through Christ’s finished work on the cross, and we believe He died so that we could carry His light to the ends of the earth.

By His grace, we have been redeemed to bring light to

the BLIND, the UNREACHED, and the MALNOURISHED in Togo, Africa.

Give Sight

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