Giving sight and the gospel in Togo, Africa

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1 in 20 people in rural Togo are blinded by cataracts

With a simple surgery, you can give sight and open a door for the gospel.

100% of your donation goes directly to Africa!

Some of our faithful donors are covering all U.S. administrative expenses so that 100% of your donation will be sent to Africa!

There isn’t another organization I have partnered with that so readily uses their resources and has such a profound impact on people’s lives as Sight.org. For the money, I don’t know of a larger impact that can be made than that of taking someone from blind to sight. Where else can someone put $150 and radically change the course of someone’s life. When you partner with Sight.org it impacts someone in a real, tangible, and profound way within weeks.
Tim Lamonte

Petro Safety Services

One of the things that maintained my interest in supporting Sight.org is the holistic approach it has taken, including partnership with the local community and government, training for farmers to reduce malnutrition (which impacts eye health) and sharing the gospel. In addition to the eye care provided by Sight.org, I believe these other items are just as critical to creating long-lasting impact in countries like Togo. I feel blessed to play a small role in all the good work Sight.org is doing.
Bethany McGaha

I donated to Sight.org because I felt it was right to help those with blindness in Togo, that they should have the same opportunity as I did. I was blessed (because I live in the U.S.A.) to have just had cataract surgery in both eyes. I no longer have to wear glasses! It was a miracle for me. I wanted to give other people the chance to experience that miracle as well.
Jan Widner

Jan's Art Academy


We are a mobile eye team that travels to rural village clinics in Togo, Africa. These villages have little to no eye care. We do up to 200 eye surgeries a month. Each surgery costs only $150.

You can give sight to one person for $12.50 a month!


Give Sight and Further the Gospel

This is Sollah and he is eighteen years old. Two years ago, he had been asleep in a taxi when an electrical line landed on the vehicle. He awoke with his body burned and blinded by cataracts. When he came to our mobile eye clinic, we were able to restore sight to both of his eyes. He had the sweetest smile on his face when the bandages first came off. Then, soon, he was dancing with joy because he could see again.
This is Ailia and she is eight years old. She had an allergy to dust. Her mother said that she cried everyday because her eyes itched and burned. An allergy to dirt is not a big deal in the United States, but in rural Africa, if this condition went untreated, she could have gone blind. We provided eye drops and eye education to the mother so that this little girl would no longer suffer.
This is Pauline and she is fifty-four years old. She had a cataract in her left eye for three years. She had her own business, but being blind in one eye made it very hard for her to sell merchandise. When she got her sight back through Sight.org, she immediately starting praising God for her sight. Now that she can see again, she can work and take care of herself again.

“This is definitely my favorite program to work with in Africa to utilize my skills and to help a large number of patients. Sight.org is a great organization with an excellent in-country support team. I highly recommend Sight.org for a true African eye surgical mission experience.”

Dr. Ed Kondrot

Eye Surgeon


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Sight.org Stories of Life Change


“I can see my baby for the first time!”


Age 21 “I am free from the prison of darkness I was in, now I am living in the light!”


“If it weren’t for Sight.org giving my sight back to me, I would still be blind.”


Age 12 “Sight.org did surgery on my eye and now I can see again! My smile is back and I can return to school. Thank you Sight.org!”

Mission Statement

Sight.org exists to proclaim the gospel to the most unserved regions of Africa by combating blindness through surgery and prevention.

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