Help the Kondrots give sight & the gospel

Join Dr. Edward and Ly Kondrot in their mission to give sight to the blind and transform lives in impoverished communities.

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Dr. Edward Kondrot & Ly Kondrot, Surgical Director for

Dr. Edward & Ly Kondrot

As a retired eye surgeon, Dr. Kondrot and his wife, Ly, have partnered with the Christian organization to provide free eye surgeries and train local doctors in West Africa, starting in Togo. Your support can make a life-changing difference.

By making a financial contribution, you will directly fund their medical mission, equipment, and training programs, empowering individuals to regain their independence, pursue education and employment opportunities, and become active community contributors. All donations are tax-deductible. Together, we can illuminate the lives of those trapped in darkness and bring hope and healing to the most vulnerable. Join the Kondrots and as they embark on this compassionate journey, empowering the blind to see and share the love of Christ. Your generosity will create a lasting impact and transform the world, one restored vision at a time.