Malatouba: Then and Now

by | Aug 22, 2022

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Two years ago, we introduced you to Malatouba

When Mala was seven years old, she started having pain in her legs. Her pain was so intense that she couldn’t even walk. She hadn’t been able to walk in twenty-two years. 

Her dad came to for eye surgery. While they were there, her brother saw that we were also praying for the sick. He ran and got Mala from her house and brought her back to be prayed for.

Mala’s brother sat her down on the ground on a blanket and waited for us to pray for her. When we saw her, we noticed that she wasn’t just in pain but something else was going on in her body.

We recognized several signs that there was spiritual warfare happening. We asked her if she believed God could heal her and she said yes.

We started praying and asked her to try to walk. She was still not able to walk. We prayed again and asked her to try again. This time she had less pain but could only take a few steps before she had to sit down again.

We prayed a third time and this time, she stood up and walked without any pain.


She said that she wanted to become a Christian. We gave her an audio Bible and connected her with a church near her house.

We found out a few months later that she had not been going to church and the pain in her legs had come back. Her brother was worried about her so he took her to church. They prayed for her again and she started crying uncontrollably.

That day, she fully gave her life to Christ. She started going to a Bible study at church and got baptized.

Mala came to the farm to get further discipleship.

She is a hard worker, so while she was getting discipled, she also helped out around the farm. We eventually hired her to help in the kitchen on the farm.


Mala said that her life looks so different now.

Before, she had to spend all her money on medical treatments, and nothing ever worked. Now, she has gone two years without any pain, and she is able to use her money for more important things.

She has overwhelming joy now because of her relationship with Christ. She reads her Bible and prays every day.

She said that when she was a Muslim, she was always angry. Even her mother said she was afraid to be around her. But now, when she gets frustrated, she gives it to God and she feels humble.

Mala not only helps in the kitchen, but she also goes out with the ministry team to tell others about Jesus.

She loves getting to be a part of this ministry because she learns more about Jesus every day.

We wish you could hear her pray. Her prayers are so beautiful and pure. She truly loves the Lord with all her heart.