Ayaoyi’s Story

by | Jun 19, 2014

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“I am free from the prison of darkness I was in, now I am living in the light!”

African roads are busy with a flow of well-used buses with energetic young men jumping on and off at every bus stop to squeeze as many people on board as possible. Working as a driver’s mate, this was Ayaovi’s life at the young age of 21. Fortunate to have work, his dream was to be a driver one day. With a promising future, Ayaovi was a happy and healthy man in his prime.

Then suddenly, he was struck by a devastating condition. Within months, Ayaovi’s future faded away with his eyesight. His vision rapidly clouded until he was in total darkness.

Ayaovi was blinded by cataracts. “My biggest fear was that I thought I would never see again; that I would be blind for the rest of my life. I feared falling down, so I didn’t go out often. And I feared someone may hurt me because I couldn’t see.”

With nobody willing to help him, Ayaovi had to survive on his own. Quickly, he learned to take care of himself the best he could. After three years of blindness had passed, sight.org came to Ayaovi’s village. A simple surgery restored his sight, and his life was transformed! “God passed through Sight.org to restore my sight! Now I can pursue driving a bus again. I am free from the prison of darkness I was in, now I am living in the light!”