Our ambulance has arrived in Togo, Africa! The team is excited to be able to use the former ETMC ambulance as a mobile clinic to go where there is no access to eye care. With this ambulance, we can help people with eyesight problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, and pterygium. This will be the only mobile clinic in Togo. There is nothing else like it available!

You may not know that this ambulance has a great story behind it. Many people recognize the name of our ministry because they saw the ambulance around Tyler, waiting to be shipped to Togo. We are all used to seeing the teal ETMC ambulances in Tyler, but with the name “Believe And See” scrolled across the side of one, people noticed! (We have since changed our name to Sight.org.
We truly appreciate ETMC’s enormous gift to our ministry. I am not sure that any of us can really foresee the immense work God will do through this mobile clinic.

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