From Office Volunteer to Missionary in Togo.

by | Sep 24, 2015

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Inside, I am jumping up and down like a little child because we finally get to GO!

Hi, I’m Elaine Riley, and I work for! My story began 33 years ago at a Calvary Commission Conference that my husband Wayne and I attended; the keynote speaker was Dallas Holmes. At the end of his message, he gave an altar call to all who would commit their life to go serve on the mission field, and we both answered that call. After many years, we eventually gave up hope that we would ever go. Last year, however, when God obviously closed the door on my job, I was finally at a place in my life where I wanted to get serious with God, and I sensed my time was running out…He sure did get my attention!
Our church leadership had been praying over a book study called “Rooted” and was led to have our whole church go through this series together in small groups. As I worked through the series, I came to grips with a lot of things in my life, and I started asking God what my life was for. I’m still alive on this earth because God has a plan for my life! So what is it?
I happened to be on my Facebook page when I saw a post that said was looking for a part-time administrative assistant. I immediately felt a tug in my spirit to apply for this job. As in everything, the enemy said, “There are so many more qualified people than you, why bother?” However, I KNEW that God had told me to apply, so I applied as an act of obedience. I received a call from Lewis Swann the next day asking if he could talk with me. He told me he had already filled the position, but I felt led to volunteer in whatever needed. We agreed that I would start at the first of the year and help with planning events for the ministry. In January, I got a call from Lewis saying that the administrative assistant job was open and asking if I would like the job! I started working for the beginning of February 2015.
Over the past few months, I have learned the story of and seen firsthand how this ministry operates, and I am intrigued at how God has used Lewis in building this ministry with a vision of what God wants to do in the country of Togo! It’s so very exciting to be a part of the work of giving hope to an individual where there was none by providing the gift of eyesight! Working on the logistic/support end of the ladder has only made me want to go and see for myself the wonderful works that are being done by our Togo team. Their areas of care include some of the most remote villages, villages where people have never seen an American before…it’s like going to where no MAN has been before (if you will for those Star Trekers! 🙂 ).
My husband Wayne and I have sensed the leading and desire to serve alongside this medical team in Atakpame, Togo, for an initial one-year commitment. There is always room for volunteers who are medical and who are NOT medical. will be moving headquarters from Lome to Atakpame, and we will be responsible overseeing and building housing for staff and volunteers, assisting the medical team as training enables us to, doing local evangelism/teaching, and supporting the established churches as opportunity arises. owns 20 acres in the midst of several villages that will be our home base for outreaches into remote areas of the region. We will present the gospel whenever we have opportunity. We desire to build relationships in this community where voodoo is prevalent. Shining the light of Jesus will be our focus as well as pointing the way to Him, as He is the way and the truth and life! Pray for us as we will be coming against spiritual darkness, and pray that God will be glorified using us as He sees fit!
We are eagerly praying and starting our preparations, as we have been waiting to be sent out for over 33 years. We pray that God will give us strong prayer intercessors and that God’s kingdom purposes will be fulfilled! We are humbled to serve the Lord in this capacity. We covet your prayers; whenever we come to your mind, please pray for and that the gospel will reach into the most remote places in Togo, Africa!

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