Getting Settled In Togo

by | Mar 4, 2016

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We are settling down on the fram just outside of a few miles from the third biggest city in Togo, Africa in Atakapame. We have met many neighbors who have stopped by to greet us! We feel very welcomed here. Their customary greeting is Bonjour and curtsey.

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We have noticed a young boy about age 9 or 10 (most people here do not know their true age) named Chris who is very malnourished and has Sickle Cell Anemia. He is skin and bones with a huge belly. This boy has been abandoned by his parents that live in the city and brought him to his grandmother who also is skin and bones and cannot provide for him very well. His parents have taken him to a witchdoctor and the witchdoctor said he would die. We have taken him under our wings and take him to the hospital where his doctor is treating him each month and we feed him twice a day as well as love him. He has improved in his countenance, knowing somebody loves him and wants to provide for his daily sustenance. The doctor at the hospital gives him only until he is 18 years of age to live. But God…

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So we see Chris each morning and each afternoon when he comes to eat. It is a blessing to be a part of his life and I’m sure God has shown him that He will take care of Chris and we are building a relationship with Chris for many days to come.

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We have some chickens here at the farm…4 roosters and 2 hens with 6 baby chicks. We will be making a pen for these chickens first thing as we desire to raise chickens to eat as well as having eggs to eat! We are excited that God has already provided these chickens for our team! We also desire to raise goats soon!

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We are praying for all our family, friends and loved ones, we miss home and desire to see your faces. It is so hard being ahead six hours as you are still sleeping when we arise at 5am!! It has been some adjustment with the weather and time change! God is GOOD! We will keep you posted! Love to you!!