This 18 year old boy, named Sollah, came to our team last month. Two years ago, he was asleep in a taxi when an electrical line landed on the vehicle. He awoke with his body burned and blinded by cataracts.


The local hospital was able to treat all of his burns (which we could see from his head to toes) but they did not have the ability to treat his eyes. His father heard that Sight.org was in the village of Amlame, so he brought him to our screening site.


The next day, our amazing medical team did bilateral cataract surgery and was able to restore sight to both of his eyes.


He had the sweetest smile on his face when the bandages first came off.


Then, soon, he was dancing with joy because he could see again. 


Laurie had the opportunity to check Sollah’s vision two weeks ago and he now sees 20/20 in both eyes! He now can return to the city and to college. We don’t just help give sight back, we help give life back!


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