Beth’s Trip to Togo

by | Aug 16, 2022

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What I learned in Togo…
I got back from Togo a few weeks ago and I am still processing everything I learned from the Lord and from my brothers and sisters in Togo. This was my 5th trip to Togo with The last few trips, I’ve gone during Surgery Week. This time, I got to go during Ministry Week.

Ministry Week is always right after Surgery Week so the team can check up on patients in their home and follow up with any new believers.

What I experienced by going into people’s homes during Ministry Week was completely different than what I usually experience during Surgery Week.Almost every time we went into a patient’s home, we heard something like what this man in the photo said.
One lady even cooked lunch for us on the spot when she saw us coming.People are so happy and thankful when we are able to give them their sight back. But they are even more blown away when we go the extra mile to visit them in their home to check on them.

They truly can’t believe that anyone would do that for them.

Many people make commitments during Surgery Week to follow Christ. During Ministry Week, we follow up and ask those people how we can support them in their new relationship with Christ.Often, they are already struggling because the enemy is attacking them. We pray with them and then connect them with a church close to their house.

It was so good for me to see firsthand how we support these new believers.

These two brothers said they couldn’t stop thinking and talking about the gospel message they heard during Surgery Week.They had the gospel of John sitting on their table when we walked into their home. They come from a long line of Voodoo followers but God is softening their hearts to the gospel.

When they saw Pastor Florent walking up to their home, they said, “You are the man who preached to us during surgery! Welcome pastor!”

I can tell you from experience that when you donate to, you truly give sight both physically and spiritually. People are giving their lives to Christ daily because of this sight-restoring ministry. The team works so hard every single day for His Kingdom and His glory! I loved going with them during Ministry Week and seeing how God is working through each one of them. They are blessings to the people of Togo.