Our Mission

Sight.org exists to proclaim the gospel to the most unserved regions of Africa by combating blindness through surgery and prevention. 

The Blind

Our team helps restore sight through cataract and pterygium surgeries, glaucoma treatments, and eyeglasses. Our top eye procedure is cataracts. We also teach eye-health educations to prevent blindness. We perform 150 eye surgeries a month in remote villages of Togo in our mobile eye clinic.

The Malnourished

Eye diseases in West Africa are largely affected by malnutrition. At our agricultural training facility, we train farming students in modern farming techniques that create ten times the production of traditional farming. After training, the students return to their respective villages, resulting in a ripple effect that impacts the lives of hundreds.

The Unreached

Thousands of people in Togo have never heard the name of Jesus. Our ministry team is able to connect with people through our eye surgeries, the Jesus Film, and audio Bibles. From these, church plants and discipleship groups are started.

100% Model

100% of YOUR Donation Goes to Africa!

Some of our faithful donors are covering all U.S. administrative expenses so that 100% of YOUR donation will be sent to Africa!

These donors decided to do this because they see the magnitude of the blindness epidemic in Togo and the need for the gospel. They want to cover the overhead expenses to encourage more people to give.

Even the wire transfer fee to Africa is covered, so literally 100% of YOUR dollar will go to Africa!

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How it all started

Why are we serving in Togo? Where did we come from? Read the story of how God brought us here.

Get to know us

Learn more about our medical team in Togo, our founder, and our board.

Got questions?

Our ministry is simple, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have questions. Get all your questions answered.

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