Each year, we are in a new region in Togo. Each region has several different villages. We do surgeries in the same region for the entire year. This opens doors for the gospel in these villages. We focus on building relationships with one village at a time. Through those relationships, we have seen many people become Christians and then house churches established.

Our ministry team has a very specific plan when they feel God leading them to establish a house church.

This is the plan that they follow.

  1. Meet with village chief and explain who we are and what we do.
  2. Arrange with the chief continued meetings. Explain that we would like to start meeting with people for prayer.
  3. Sometimes we start relationships in the villages by screening for eyeglasses or doing health education. We ask the chief if there is a specific health need that the village struggles with. Our medical team has many resources to help people prevent common health needs.
  4. When the chief gives his blessing, we start doing door to door ministry. Many people want prayer over specific health needs.
  5. After a week of door to door ministry, building relationships, and praying with people, we show the Jesus Film in the village. We often see large numbers of people becoming Christians through the Jesus Film.
  6. The next day, we give them New Testament Bibles in their language.
  7. We ask them if they would like to start meeting together on a regular basis to read the Bible, pray, and praise God together.
  8. They set up a meeting place in the village. They start meeting and ask our ministry team questions about the Bible.
  9. We ask them to tell us a specific person in this group who is a gifted leader. They are the “Person of Peace.” This person is given an audio Bible and asked to lead the group through listening to the audio Bible with the group.
  10. As our ministry team joins their group in worship, prayer, and listening to the Bible, the people learn how to do it on their own and how to lead others.
  11. When our ministry team feels that this group is strong enough to gather on their own, our team leaves.
  12. We visit the group periodically to check on them, show some other Christian films, and pray for them.
  13. We also visit periodically to check on physical and spiritual needs.

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