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by | Jun 15, 2016

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On Thursday, June 9th Wayne, Chris and I headed to Tsiko, which is three hours by car on the worst road ever. BUT, it had the most spectacular mountains that you ever did see!  I love the trip down to Tsiko! In the last story we had on Chris, we asked for prayer for him as he had an enlarged spleen that needed to be removed ASAP.

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We found out about the Baptiste Hospital in Tsiko, west of Atakpame. We heard about this hospital through the family that has asked us to live in their home! This hospital has been there for 35 years and has at least a dozen or more American doctors/surgeons that give the best quality healthcare in Togo!


We didn’t even have to make an appointment, we just showed up and got a consultation. 

We mainly wanted to get a second opinion to make sure Chris had the care that he needs.


They ran several tests and got another echography.

They examined him well to find out the he does NOT need surgery after all. 


We give God the glory for this answer as we know many people prayed for Chris!

We stayed the night in Tsiko in their guesthouse because the doctor said his level was low and needed a blood transfusion.

The campus is lovely and welcoming.


We ate and had Bible study with all the doctors.

God certainly has a group there that loves and serves the Lord with all their heart.


They put the Roman Road on the back of every patient card, so the gospel is being told to every person who comes through their doors. It was a blessing to meet and talk with them. We also know that Chris will receive the best care here at this hospital.  We return in three months for his checkup. We continue to pray that he will have no problems.

We want to thank ALL who prayed because GOD answered some BIG prayers for Chris! Chris will always struggle with poor health due to his Sickle Cell Anemia, and we are committed to taking care of him, no matter what it takes.

If you would like to help support, feed, give daily medications, and help with healthcare for Chris, go to our Donate page.

By Elaine Riley, Sight.org missionary in Togo